About Us

About Us

RhinoFish Media, founded by Patrick Grady in 2004, and co-owned by Colleen Moore and John Wagner, provides outsourced PPC Consulting. We focus our efforts on continuous PPC management services, most often for ROI-centric small and medium sized businesses. We offer results-focused consulting that aims towards optimized ROI/ROAS, budget, reach, segmentation and ad performance. We focus our decisions based on measurable data derived from continuous experimenting.

In its infancy RhinoFish Media specialized in affiliate marketing. Having come from that background we are well versed in multi-channel attribution, tracking, and affiliate interference issues. We work very closely with OPM’s (outsourced program managers) and in-house affiliate program managers to ensure that the affiliate channel is enhancing your overall goals and not detracting from them.

Our Logo

We are often asked “What the heck is a RhinoFish?” and “Why does it appear in your logo?” Firstly, a “Rhino Fish” ( Barbus Mariae ), really does exist. However, the genesis of our company’s name stems from founder Patrick Grady’s desire to convey his observation that throughout the online marketing industry lots of very interesting, yet opposite, facets, skill sets and personality types are prevalent.

    For example:
  • Content Writers vs. Database Programmers or Datafeed Technicians.
  • Technically Minded Computer Nerds vs. Sales & Marketing Executives.
  • And many more inherently opposite traits, activities, styles, and backgrounds… So he picked a company name to reflect these striking differences.

He also wanted the name to be memorable and for it to be easily and obviously branded with a single logo. The glaring dichotomy of the RhinoFish, a fictitious creature that he created, seems to fit very well. To this day it continually represents our ownerships desire, both personally and professionally, to be both:

  1. Not easily swayed by others, hard charging, solo-minded and fearless (Rhino)


  2. Fast, nimble, sleek and adaptable (Fish)

When Pat put two halves of the RhinoFish together, it made him laugh! The RhinoFish is silly and free-spirited, and anything but expected! We’d rather… dare to be very different!

For some fun items with our logo visit our CafePress store here: www.cafepress.com/rhinofish

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