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Affiliate Summit Webinar: Google Adwords Display Ad Builder

At RhinoFish, we believe that giving back to our community is essential. We are invited guests on many blogs, speakers at conferences, and webinar guests throughout the year. John Wagner was a webinar guest for Affiliate Summit and spoke about the Google Adwords Display Ad Builder. Here's the recorded webinar for your enjoyment:

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Team RhinoFish Wins Affiliate of the Year

Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Affiliate of the Year

Congratulations to all the amazing finalists and winners of the 2013 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards!

We're very excited to announce that RhinoFish Media won the prestigious Affiliate of the Year award. We're very grateful for being recognized for our hard work and dedication to the industry. We look forward to another year of excellence and giving back ...

Team RhinoFish is a Finalist for an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Affiliate Summite Pinnacle Awards Image Courtesy of:[/caption]

Congratulations to Pat Grady for the prestigious honor of being named an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Finalist for being an outstanding, innovative leader with vision and influence in the affiliate marketing industry.


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