Top 10 Blogger Review and Giveaway Guidelines for Merchants

Our good friend, Jennifer Myers Ward, shared some free information for eCommerce store owners regarding having bloggers review your products.

Jennifer is an expert at helping Merchants improving their site for conversions, optimizing their email marketing, and growing their affiliate channel. Hard working, smart, experienced, ethical - and she's generous enough to give away her best tips here with this blogge...

Affiliate Summit Webinar: Google Adwords Display Ad Builder

At RhinoFish, we believe that giving back to our community is essential. We are invited guests on many blogs, speakers at conferences, and webinar guests throughout the year. John Wagner was a webinar guest for Affiliate Summit and spoke about the Google Adwords Display Ad Builder. Here's the recorded webinar for your enjoyment:

We recommend checking out more free webinars by Affiliate Summit at


Doorman Attribution explained

At RhinoFish Media, we study marketing attribution issues every day.

Our friends over at Acceleration Partners liked one of our in-house terms so much, they asked us to guest post about "Doorman Attribution".

Are you using Doorman Attribution to determine what's driving your success?