Doorman Attribution explained

At RhinoFish Media, we study marketing attribution issues every day.

Our friends over at Acceleration Partners liked one of our in-house terms so much, they asked us to guest post about "Doorman Attribution".

Are you using Doorman Attribution to determine what's driving your success?


Understanding Google Analytics – Referring Sites

Google Analytics reads referring site information to try to classify incoming traffic for its reporting, but referrers can be misleading. For example, when clicking on a link in a marketing email, the referrer may be reported as Comcast or Hotmail, when it's source was really an internal email campaign. For this reason, it's best to always tag all email and paid traffic links, to tell Analytics to ignore the referrer, and use the information you've embedded in the URL instead.

Analytics provides a simple URL Builder tool for tagging your URLs. For AdWords PPC traffic, Google can automatically append identifying tags your PPC links. In AdWords, go to My account, Preferences, Trac...