Affiliate Summit Webinar: Google Adwords Display Ad Builder

At RhinoFish, we believe that giving back to our community is essential. We are invited guests on many blogs, speakers at conferences, and webinar guests throughout the year. John Wagner was a webinar guest for Affiliate Summit and spoke about the Google Adwords Display Ad Builder. Here's the recorded webinar for your enjoyment:

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Using Google Display Network Effectively

Recently, Google published a Google Display Network (GDN) Case Study for Legacy Learning Systems.

Pat Grady of RhinoFish Media and Lenny Franklin of Legacy Learning Systems were featured discussing the benefits of the GDN (Google Display Network) and how we've successfully used the Display Network to drive sales.

Watch the quick video to learn how GDN can give you the flexibility and control to target the right audience with the right sites based on relevant keywords.


Setting Up Conversion Tracking in Adwords

AdWords itself allows many different inputs regarding PPC conversion tracking through the AdWords Conversion Module.  It's possible to import both goal completions and Ecommerce tracked sales from Google Analytics into AdWords as conversions.

For these Analytics inputs to be properly attributed, it's critical that these traffic sources are properly tagged.   Instead of using imported conversions data from Analytics, AdWords conversion scripts can also be used directly.  There are advantages and disadvantages of each. Determining whether Analytics conversion data or AdWords scripts work best is a case-by-case decision.

To determine which method works best for your nee...