Learn To Be An Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate takes dedication, like any job, vocation or profession. There’s a lot to learn and information is continually changing. The fastest way to ramp up and keep up is to do both of the following – at the same time:

1) Read educational materials from someone who is an actual affiliate! James Martell is an excellent choice – he publishes excellent training materials and also offers affiliate boot camps. His materials are the Internet’s most reliable & up-to-date learning system for building high-traffic websites that make money automatically with affiliate programs. Buy it, download it and get started right away, no waiting. Sign up for a boot camp to speed your learning cycle. It’s not an easy road, it takes effort – but the knowledge you need is all right there in James Martell’s training materials.

2) Attend the Affiliate Summit conference, to learn more about it all. This conference is held twice a year in the USA, once in the winter (in Las Vegas) and again in the summer (somewhere on the east coast, moving each year to a new location). They’ve also held one in the UK. The conference has truly great sessions where a lot of good information can be found! And when we independent affiliate marketers get together, it’s guaranteed to be fun!

My own affiliate activities have brought me an income I never thought possible and joy and freedom that are well beyond words for me – I wish you the very best of “luck” with your affiliate business!

PS – the “luck” part was a joke, you can only reach your goals through your education and your effort – get started!

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