Meet the Crew

Pat Grady - PPC Consultant

Patrick Grady

Chief Revenue Engineer

Pat was told he didn’t know enough about Affiliate Marketing to start an in-house Program, so he decided to learn more about it from the Affiliate side. A few months later, his first Affiliate website was making him more Affiliate money than his job ever did, so he quit.

Pat has now been an Affiliate, Merchant, Affiliate Manager / OPM, PPC Consultant, Investor, Network Compliance Cop, Researcher, Beer Taster, Vocal Forum Member, Mentor, Advisory Board Member, Charity Donor, Biz Owner, Analytics Expert, Fisherman, and general Smarty Pants Instigator.

Having spent his own money for PPC in his early days, his expertise is in ROI-centric PPC Management with an eye on Multi-Channel Attribution. With affiliate genes in his DNA, his RhinoFish Media PPC Agency is Performance based. He knows every trick in the book and thoroughly enjoys “educating” those whose pursue unethical ways that harm the ecosystem he calls home.

John Wagner

PPC Shogun

Technology has always been an interest of John’s and joining RhinoFish Media was literally a turning point for him both personally and professionally.

Working in the online industry is something he truly enjoys due to the variation and new challenges that each day presents. Seeing clients’ businesses prosper as a result of our PPC work is what drives him every day.

Prior to working with RhinoFish Media, John was a personal trainer. He found it extremely rewarding to help others improve the quality of their day-to-day lives. Aside from building PPC, John enjoys spending time with his large family and many friends.

Sean Grady, RhinoFish PPC Consultant

Sean Grady

Admosphere Mediarologist

After consuming about a decade-worth of “off-the-job training” at the Grady dinner table, Sean decided to join the RhinoFish crew. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in May 2014, with a major in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication.

He has been at RhinoFish Media for a few years already. Sean has been trained by the best, and is now creating PPC to extend and build value for RhinoFish clients. He will never forget his first sale, but is always looking forward to the future.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys rollerblading, playing pick-up basketball games, and spending time with his family.

The Story Of the RhinoFish

Internet marketing as a whole contains a lot of very interesting, yet opposite, facets and skill sets and personality types. From the 17-year old kid in Australia to the 62-year old grandma in Cleveland who are both earning a good income doing affiliate marketing.

When RhinoFish Media was created, we wanted a company name to reflect the striking differences present in the Internet Marketing industry. The name needed to be memorable, brandable, and fun.

The glaring dichotomy of the RhinoFish, a creature that our founder Pat Grady created, seems to fit very well. It represents our ethics, our desires, our passion, and our commitment. But most importantly, our silly and free-spirited love of what we do.

The Rhino: Not easily swayed by others, hard charging, solo-minded, fearless and committed

The Fish: Fast, nimble, sleek and adaptable

With the two halves of the RhinoFish together, it makes us laugh! You won’t see a logo like this in the halls of corporate America (and you won’t find us there either).

The RhinoFish is too silly and free-spirited, and it breaks with the expected, because we’d rather… dare to be very different!

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