PPC Success Stories

PPC Success Stories

We have many examples of extremely successful PPC campaigns, but here are two of our top examples of how taking the ROAS Centric approach to your campaigns can benefit your bottom line within a few months..

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Decorative Ceiling Tiles managed their own PPC Campaigns from Oct 2009 through Aug 2011. RhinoFish took over PPC management Mid-August of 2011. As illustrated in the graph below, after completing a rebulid of the ad campaigns, RhinoFish successfully brought to Decorative Ceiling Tiles a 6X Return on Ad Spend within 6 months. Decorative Ceiling Tiles - PPC Success

“RhinoFish has brought us about 300k in sales in last 18 months. We worked together to improve landing pages to increase return on investment resulting in more overall sales.

We are now getting to the point where we’re running A/B testing to further improve conversion rates and return on investment.

They are friendly, helpful and always testing and improving. We love working with them. For years to come, we will consider them a very valuable partner.”

– Milan Jara, www.decorativeceilingtiles.net

Top Online Candy Store

One of our clients is a top online candy store. They have requested that their name be removed from case studies, but are willing to share their story. They managed their own PPC from Oct 2008 through November 2010. RhinoFish started PPC managment in December 2010. As illustrated in the graph below, after completing a rebuild of the PPC Campaigns, RhinoFish successfully increased the ROAS to over 6X within 6 months. Case Study

“We’ve worked with RhinoFish since 2010 and they have been a true ecommerce ally from day one. Our PPC program has grown sharply and consistently over that time. And the candid feedback and transparency with which they operate are invaluable for us. Strongly recommend!”

Client Testimonials

“All of us at Spoonful of Comfort have been thrilled with Rhionfish and their team! In 4 years of business I can count on one hand the number of companies who have ‘done what they say they are going to do.’

I can honestly say that Rhinofish has under-promised and over- delivered for us. They are great at communicating what’s going on, showing the ROI on our investment with them and have become our number one driver of new business and customers. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!! “

 – Marti Wymer, CEO Spoonful of Comfort

“With RhinoFish, I am now able focus on my core business without having to chase Googles Adwords tail.

Since Colleen and Pat have taken over my Adwords campaigns, my revenue and profit are up and spending is considerably less. Thank you RhinoFish!”

 – Mike Andrews, BeautyStoreDepot.com

“We have been working with RhinoFish about a year as of 12/2012. They have been a great partner and really helped us drive an effective ROI on our PPC campaigns.

I would highly recommend you consider them to help you achieve your goals.”

Mark Sarpa,www.frecklebox.com

“Exceptionally smart, honest, and ROI driven team. A pleasure to work with, RhinoFish cares about the success of your business as much as their own.

They doubled our PPC traffic while meeting aggressive ROAS goals. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with RhinoFish team, and consider them more than just business partners.”

Client Requested to Remain Anonymous

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