PPC Management – Pricing

Rhinofish Pricing
  • No Start-up Costs
  • No Monthly Fees or Percent of Spend Fees
  • No Contracts
  • No Commission on Brand Name Traffic

We’re Different!

We are one of the few Paid Search agencies that only get paid for results. Other agencies may charge based on a percentage of spend or charges monthly fees. We at RhinoFish Media believe this may often lead to mismanagement of PPC funds. By this we mean that the agency is spend conscious, but not necessarily focused on making your money work hard for you.

With each client we agree on a ROAS goal and we regularly review that goal comparing it to historical performance. Mutually reviewing adjustments to that goal when appropriate and warranted. You tell us what your PPC budget is, and how much you need to see as a return and we do the rest. “Hitting the Gas” can lead to higher traffic volume, BUT each client has different margins to consider, and these margins should tie back into your ROAS goals.

We continually discuss sharing “Aligned Goals” with current and prospective clients and how it avoids conflicts of interest from arising. If we perform well for our clients, in continually managing and improving their PPC, while earning their trust and professional respect, than we all benefit equally.

How We Are Paid

If you have an affiliate program run through ShareASale we’ll join your program and put our SAS affiliate link directly in the ads we run for you in your various accounts. That way whenever a person buys as a result of our PPC ads we’ll earn a commission.

We never invoice you, and you never manually send us a payment – We’re paid through your affiliate program at SAS.

No Affiliate Program? – No problem, we’ll figure it out together!

We’re Not Paid for Your Brand Traffic

Many other PPC agencies will monetize your brand traffic, using it to make the reports look like your account is performing well. We believe that brand traffic campaigns are too easy to run and maintain that we will run your brand traffic at no charge. This means that the links we use in these ads will be straight, non-affiliate links.

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